The Easiest Way To Fix Deleting Dialer Memory Data

If you’re getting an error code to clear your dialer memory data, today’s blog post is written to help you.

A dialer’s memory is its contacts (as well as each dialer’s data, so if you could tell, you’d lose all a person’s contacts). you usually probably won’t use that much storage space with contacts, on the other hand, 100, some people actually have thousands of linked contacts in the phone, but it takes up storage space.

My Dialer is an application that takes up a lot of space (12 GB).

  1. What is this app?

  2. Can I delete data? If so, does this happen when I do this?

  3. clearing dialer storage data

    Is there a way to reduce this size without resetting the settings?

Andchanges. To view this app, go to Settings, Viral Right Marketing, Top Corner, System Features. It should now appear.

Update: The dialer’s memory stores all your words and including phrases, messages, and pictures on DVDs (media). I use Textra which has another store. Yes, you can remove images and videos from the Textra site, but this will not reduce the composer’s memory. All SMS apps have different media sections for your actual SMS streams.

  • Go to Words message in wire app

  • select frequencies. Most

  • They should have a parameter in the top right corner

  • Access to shared media or content (image/video space)

  • Start deleting them all right now. I had photos, thousands as well as videos of them. I was able to eliminate a few of them and reduce them to 12 7gb. This is literally not about reducing sms. I went from over 61,000 to over 41,000 and the storage dialer doesn’t move. Delete is also media content, which should solve someone’s storage problem.

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    1. More than half of my phone’s memory is taken up by system dialer memory. I got less than a hundred contacts and deleted everything except for a few text messages. Even if I check everything later, it’s still about 37 GB. I just got it June 9th months (6 months ago!!) and I never had this problem when I used my previous S7 or S5… I’m tempted to throw that damn iPhone 4 in the trash and get 1 apple > < li>

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      Has anyone restored their phone data from a long forgotten phone backup?
      If this is the case, I suggest clearing the memory cache (process below) and, if it’s a lot of work, restore the phone to factory defaults and set it up again without using old backups.

      Open Settings>>Applications
      Tap the three facts in the right top corner of the entire screen, and then tap Show System Apps.
      findthose in-file “Dialer Storage” and click on it. Storage
      tap a , also tap Clear Cache.

      11/12/2018 5:47 pm

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